Kuwait’s Plan to Tackle Domestic Labor Shortage

Exploring Solutions and Strengthening Legal Protections

Kuwait City: The government of Kuwait is taking strong measures to tackle the impending shortage of domestic laborers. The hiring of domestic workers from Ethiopia is expected to be the subject of further discussions between Kuwait and Ethiopia soon. Bassam Al-Shammari, a subject-matter expert, stressed the significance of this endeavor. He mentioned how it would address Kuwait’s domestic labor shortage

Exploring New Avenues

Recruiting workers from Ethiopia is seen as a promising solution due to lower associated costs. Ethiopian domestic recruitment offers relief to citizens and residents. Al-Shammari stressed the importance of diversifying recruitment sources. Additionally, he called for addressing past shortcomings in workers’ rights and enforcing laws against violators to ensure smooth recruitment processes. If the state diversifies recruitment sources, it reduces risks linked to depending on one source and fosters fairer labor practices. These practices are in line with international standards.

Enhancing Legal Protections

Al-Shammari urged relevant government agencies to expedite the MoU signing with Ethiopia to preempt further strains on the domestic worker market. He also stressed that exporting countries’ willingness to engage in agreements with Kuwait depends on effectively implementing Law No. 68/2015 and its regulations. These legal frameworks, introducing new rights for domestic workers, are expected to enhance Kuwait’s reputation as an employment destination. Additionally, by strictly enforcing these laws, Kuwait can show its dedication to protecting its rights. It can also increase the dignity of all workers, creating a more inclusive and equitable job market.

Preparing for the Future

Looking ahead, Kuwait must continue to explore innovative solutions to ensure a stable supply of domestic workers. At the same time, it will safeguard their rights and welfare. Cooperation between countries with strong laws and enforcement is crucial for a fair recruitment system. By welcoming different sources for hiring and focusing on workers’ rights, Kuwait can tackle its labor needs now and build a stronger, fairer workforce for the future.

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