Israeli PM Vows to Dismantle Hamas in Gaza

In a significant development on the ninth day of the Israel-Hamas conflict, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has conveyed a persistent message. At the emergency cabinet meeting, he emphasized national unity and the determination to disband Hamas in Gaza.

Key Points:

  • Netanyahu affirmed the unwavering support for the Israeli Military Force and stated, “It is we who will break Hamas apart.” He emphasized the entire country’s solidarity during these critical times.
  • Amid the ongoing conflict, an anti-armor missile was fired from Lebanon at an Israeli border village, resulting in one casualty and three injuries. In response, the Israeli army is taking action against Lebanon, with a designated security zone near the border.
  • The Palestinian Health Ministry reported an escalating death toll, with 2,383 fatalities in the Gaza Strip and West Bank. Additionally, over 10,814 individuals have sustained injuries during the conflict.
  • United States President Joe Biden engaged with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. President Abbas emphasized the urgent need for humanitarian aid corridors in Gaza.

This development marks a significant turn in the ongoing Israel-Hamas conflict, with increased international involvement and a focus on humanitarian concerns. Stay tuned for further updates.

Alok Verma

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