Israel Eliminates Hamas Leader Behind Paraglider Attack

Hamas Vows Retaliation as IDF Targets Key Commanders

A top Hamas commander who led a deadly attack on Israel using paragliders was killed by the Israel Defence Force (IDF) on Saturday. The IDF said that Asem Abu Rakaba, the head of Hamas’ aerial unit, was also behind the drone strikes on its posts.

The IDF announced the news on X after its fighter jets struck Abu Rakaba’s location. “He was responsible for Hamas’ UAVs, drones, paragliders, aerial detection and defense,” the IDF said. “He planned and commanded the October 7 massacre and the drone attacks on IDF posts,” it added.

Abu Rakaba was one of the many Hamas leaders that the IDF has eliminated since October 7. On that day, a group of Hamas terrorists infiltrated Israel using paragliders and killed 1400 people, mostly civilians. They also took over 200 hostages, including some foreigners.

The IDF had previously killed another Hamas aerial chief, Murad Abu Murad, on October 14.

The IDF also attacked 150 underground sites of Hamas in northern Gaza on Friday night and Saturday morning. It said that it destroyed combat tunnels, underground spaces, and other terrorist facilities. Several Hamas terrorists were killed in the operation.

Meanwhile, a missile launched by the Houthis, an Iranian-backed terrorist group in Yemen, missed Israel and hit Taba in Egypt on Friday night.

Hamas responded to Israel’s actions by saying that its terrorists in Gaza were ready to face the Israeli forces with “full force.” It claimed that its fighters were engaging the troops near the border. It also said that Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, and his “defeated army” would fail to win the war.

Israel’s attacks have cut off internet and phone services in Gaza.

Israel’s military said that its ground forces were “expanding their operations tonight.”

More than 7000 Palestinians have died since October 7 due to Israel’s bombardments.

On Friday, the UN General Assembly passed a resolution calling for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire. 121 countries supported the resolution, while 44 abstained and 14 opposed.

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