Inside Kuwait’s Efforts: Sheikh Fahd’s Mission to Improve Deportation and Detention Affairs

Exploring Solutions for Fairness and Efficiency in Correctional System Management

Recently, Deputy Prime Minister Sheikh Fahd Al-Yousef, also serving as the Minister of Defense and Acting Minister of Interior, visited the Department of Deportation and Temporary Detention Affairs. Accompanied by Sheikh Hamoud Al-Mubarak, Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Interior for Financial Affairs, their aim was clear: to check operations, find problems, and develop solutions.

Assessment and Response

During this visit, Sheikh Fahd carefully examined how many people the deportation prison could hold. He also inspected various sections of the prison housing. He listened carefully to the prisoners’ worries and complaints, focusing on the most important issues.

One big problem is that some people returning to their home countries need passports. Sheikh Fahd said making the process smoother for these people is important. That means working closely with embassies to send them back home quickly. Sheikh Fahd also talked about how urgent it is to fix all the problems in how deportations and temporary detentions are managed. He plans to improve things and eliminate problems in this important government area.

Vision for Improvement

Sheikh Fahd aims to ensure fair treatment for everyone and to ensure the smooth operation of the system. He thinks fixing problems and improving things for everyone involved is important. That’s why he’s giving orders to make changes immediately.

Commitment to Rehabilitation

Sheikh Fahd visited the Juvenile Administration Building, the Social Evaluation House. He shows the government’s strong commitment to improving how young people are helped in the correctional and rehabilitation system.

In conclusion, Sheikh Fahd Al-Yousef’s recent visit showed a strong promise to fix problems in Kuwait’s deportation and temporary detention system. It shows that the government is working to improve things and protect people’s rights in the correctional system. By listening to concerns and issuing directives for improvement, Sheikh Fahd demonstrates a commitment to fairness and efficiency in administering deportation and detention affairs. This proactive stance signals a dedication to upholding fundamental rights and ensuring smooth operations within the nation’s correctional system.

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