Hezbollah’s Bold Move: Exposing Israel’s Spy Network and Defending Lebanon’s Sovereignty

The Clash on the Lebanese Border Unveils a High-Stakes Game of Espionage and Resistance

Lebanon’s Hezbollah has been hitting Israeli military targets and exposing a secret spying network on the border with occupied Palestine.
The Palestinian resistance’s al-Aqsa Storm Operation has sparked a new round of clashes between Hezbollah and Israel on the Lebanese border. Hezbollah is determined to defend Lebanon’s sovereignty and territory from Israeli aggression.

The Lebanese group, which drove Israel out of Lebanon in 2000 and defeated it again in the 2006 war, is now confronting it militarily once more. Experts say the border situation is not a simple tit-for-tat, nor is it a full-scale war.

The cross-border fire has caused losses and injuries on both sides.
On Monday, Israeli media said another Israeli soldier was killed and three others were wounded when their tank flipped over in the north, near the Lebanese border. Meanwhile, Hezbollah announced the martyrdom of Mohammad Najib Halawi from the southern Lebanese village of Kfar Kila.
The tension has been building up for about two weeks.

Hezbollah is a powerful force in Lebanon, showing its impressive military skills again. On Friday, the group released a video that revealed Israel’s technical and spying devices in 42 locations along the border. It showed how they work and how they threaten the security of all Lebanese people, as well as Lebanon’s borders with other Arab countries.
The Israeli devices include thermal cameras, radar towers, embedded systems, and naval monitoring systems.

The video also showed how Israel uses its intelligence systems to contact collaborators in Lebanon. It said these systems are controlled by Israeli military operators far from the border. This video, which started with a voice saying, “These are not defensive positions that the Zionist entity claims they are,” ended with Hezbollah missiles, rockets, and bullets destroying or damaging the Israeli devices.

One scene showed a guided missile hitting a radar tower directly.
Hezbollah said it dealt a big blow to Israel’s spying and monitoring network in Lebanon. It also said its attacks were meant to protect Lebanon’s sovereignty, territory, and people. The group has been targeting Israeli military vehicles, tanks, and soldiers in response to Israeli attacks on southern Lebanon.

It has named its fallen fighters as “martyrs on the path to al-Quds,” referring to the Palestinian city under Israeli occupation that hosts the holy al-Aqsa Mosque, also known as Jerusalem.

Israel has been firing incendiary shells at forests in different areas of the Lebanese border, causing several fires. On Monday, Israel admitted that a first sergeant in its army was killed on the northern front, saying he died when another tank was hit in the area.

On Sunday, Hezbollah said it had attacked Israeli army positions on the border between Lebanon and occupied Palestine.

Hezbollah said in a statement that it had spotted an Israeli infantry force in and around al-Malikiyah (in southern Lebanon). It targeted it “with suitable weapons, inflicting confirmed casualties.” In another statement, it said it had attacked al-Samaqa in the occupied Lebanese Sheba’a farms with “suitable weapons.”

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