Gulf States Strongly Condemn Israel’s Gaza Ground Attacks

Calls for International Action to Protect Palestinian Civilians and Uphold Humanitarian Law

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia and other Gulf states strongly denounced Israel’s ground attacks in Gaza that endanger the lives of Palestinian civilians and worsen their suffering, according to official statements on Saturday.

Saudi Arabia’s foreign ministry said the kingdom was deeply worried about the Israeli military escalation in Gaza, where the Israeli army launched ground operations in the besieged territory.

The kingdom said Israel was blatantly and unjustly violating international law by attacking the Palestinian people. It warned that this could harm the stability and security of the region and the world.

Saudi Arabia urged the international community to act quickly to stop this military aggression following a UN General Assembly resolution on Friday. The kingdom said the international community should protect the innocent people, the infrastructure, and the vital interests in Gaza, respect the international humanitarian law, and allow humanitarian and relief agencies to provide urgent aid to the civilians in Gaza without any hindrance.

The statements came after Israel intensified its bombardment of Gaza on Saturday night, destroying hundreds of buildings and killing more civilians, three weeks into a war that started with the deadliest attack in Israel’s history.

The statements also coincided with a warning from the UN human rights chief Volker Turk on Saturday that thousands more civilians could die as Israel expands its ground operation in Gaza.

The UAE, which was the first Gulf country to normalize ties with Israel in 2020, condemned the Israeli ground attacks in Gaza, as reported by the state news agency WAM. The UAE’s foreign ministry also expressed its deep concern about the Israeli military escalation and the worsening humanitarian crisis that threatens more civilian lives.

Qatar’s foreign minister, Mohammed bin Abdulrahman, said on X, formerly Twitter, that an Israeli ground escalation would have terrible consequences for civilians and cause huge humanitarian and economic damage.

Qatar’s foreign ministry also rejected the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza and the attempts to displace its people forcibly.

Qatar’s top diplomat said Qatar was working to free civilian hostages and end the war.

Oman accused Israel of committing war crimes in Gaza and warned against any further ground attacks.

Oman’s foreign ministry said Israel’s brutal war on Gaza was a crime against humanity, according to a statement by the official Oman News Agency.

Oman also warned that a large-scale land invasion would destabilize the situation and endanger civilians and hostages in Gaza.

Kuwait criticized any ground invasion of Gaza by Israel, saying it would show that Israel was determined to keep committing crimes against the Palestinian people, as stated by Kuwait’s foreign ministry.

The Gulf Cooperation Council, which consists of six Gulf countries, condemned the military escalation in Gaza as a violation of international law and called for an immediate end to hostilities.

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