Dubai Customs’ ‘Operation Wheelhouse’: Unveiling a 234kg Drug Smuggling Plot

Cutting-edge Technology and Bold Strategies Thwart Narcotics Concealed in Ship's Wheelhouse

Dubai Customs unveiled the success of ‘Operation Wheelhouse,’ intercepting a bold attempt to smuggle 234.68 kilograms of narcotics, primarily hashish. The illicit substances are ingeniously concealed within the ship’s wheelhouse. They were unveiled through a careful operation at the Dubai Creek and Deira Wharfage Customs Centre.

State-of-the-Art Inspection Unveils Concealed Contraband
Dubai Customs’ task force, ‘Siyaj,’ took center stage in this operation by employing cutting-edge Periscope technology designed explicitly for scrutinizing confined spaces. This technological marvel provided high-resolution images even in darkness, instrumental in contraband detection. The ship prompted suspicion upon arrival at the harbor. And underwent an intensive inspection, revealing the illicit cargo concealed within the intricate spaces of the wheelhouse.

‘Siyaj’ Initiative: A Comprehensive Security Arsenal
‘Siyaj’ in Arabic meance Fence is more than just a task force; it’s an intelligent and comprehensive security initiative. The system leverages modern technologies, from artificial intelligence to periscope technology, drones, canines, and environmentally friendly electric vehicles. This robust system can prevent the infiltration of prohibited and dangerous materials. Fortifying Dubai’s position in international trade ensures the safety of global supply chains.

Dubai’s Leadership Role in Security Efforts
Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem, chairman and CEO of DP World Group and chairman of Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation, lauded Dubai’s leadership role in combating drug-related risks and health hazards. He underscored the pivotal contribution of Dubai Customs to national security. And protect the community from major threats like drug smuggling.

Prioritizing Society’s Safety Amidst Trade Facilitation
The CEO of Ports, Customs, and Free Zone Corporation and director general of Dubai Customs, Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, stressed the need to safeguard society from illicit and dangerous drugs. He pointed out that this safety commitment existed alongside facilitating lawful trade activity. And demonstrating Dubai’s persistentalok commitment to striking a balance between security and commerce.

Technological Innovations Driving Success
Rashed Alsuwaidi, acting director of Maritime Customs Centers, highlighted the role of innovative devices in this success story. Rapid container inspection devices and the world’s first X-ray scanning device for heavy and light vehicles played a pivotal role in detecting concealed substances. Showcasing Dubai Customs’ commitment to staying ahead of the technological curve.

A Resilient Defense Against Illicit Activities
Dubai’s success in ‘Operation Wheelhouse’ is not just a victory against drug smuggling. But it’s a testament to the city’s commitment to employing the latest technologies and intelligence to protect its borders. The ‘Siyaj’ initiative symbolizes Dubai’s resolve to stay ahead against illicit activities, ensuring a secure and thriving environment for its citizens and the global trade community.

Watch the Operation Wheelhouse Video

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