British Airways Supervisor’s Rs 30 Crore Human Trafficking Scheme Unveiled at London Heathrow

Uncovering the Alleged Illegal Smuggling of Indians to Canada and the Accused's Escapade to India

London: A British Airways supervisor who allegedly made nearly £3 million through human trafficking at London’s Heathrow airport has been flown back to India, reports The Standard. For five years, he allegedly ran a human trafficking operation from the check-in desk in Terminal 5. His job was to help people travel from the UK to Canada without the necessary visas for a £25,000 fee.

Modus Operandi and Financial Gain

According to The Sun, he may have made up to £3 million from the scam over five years. His modus operandi involved bringing people from India to Britain on temporary visas before smuggling them into Canada without proper documentation. Upon landing in Toronto or Vancouver, they would apply for asylum.

Investigation and Cooperation

Authorities temporarily halted the operation after they noticed a surge in asylum seekers arriving on British Airways flights from London. After an investigation, British authorities confirmed that this supervisor checked all the refugees headed to Canada at Heathrow.

He was arrested on January 6 but later entered India. Now, British police are trying to locate him with help from Indian authorities. The Sun reports that he orchestrated the scam knowing that only airline staff, not immigration officials, would check documents.

Specifically, he sent people to Canada without any paperwork by inputting false information into relevant computers and claiming passengers had electronic travel authorizations (eTAs). After arriving in Canada, the travellers would destroy all documents and apply for asylum.

British Airways has stated it is fully cooperating with police in the investigation of a supervisor who allegedly earned lakhs through illegal human trafficking. In response, police said there was nothing further to disclose about the ongoing investigation.

The case brings to light the persistent problem of human trafficking. British and Indian authorities are working together to get the British Airways supervisor to justice, even though he has escaped. The aviation sector needs to look for schemes that take advantage of insufficient document verification.

With increased security protocols and staff training, hopefully, similar trafficking rings can be detected and dismantled before using countless vulnerable people. This case serves as a sobering reminder that human trafficking can emerge anywhere, even from within respected institutions. Law enforcement worldwide must continue to work together to uncover traffickers and prevent further exploitation.

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