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Unmasking Modi: A Critical Examination of India’s ‘Superhero’ Prime Minister

From National Security to Economic Policies – Is the Hype Justified?

The BJP and supporting media praise Prime Minister Narendra Modi as a superhero. India witnessed the effort of Modi’s team, saying he is a strong, visionary, and noble leader. And project him from Petrol pumps to Bus stands, railway stations and TV ADs everywhere and celebrate his achievements. They ignore his mistakes and failures, silence his critics, and attack his rivals. The propaganda aims to create a new Mishima image of Modi in ordinary Indian men’s minds.

But is Modi a superhero? Or is he a threat to India’s democracy, diversity, and development?

The reality is that Modi’s superhero image is a lie made by a vast propaganda machine that uses fear, lies, and hate. Modi’s superhero image is also a threat because it hides his dictatorial behaviour, his harmful policies, and his poor performance.

Let us see some facts that reveal Modi’s lie and threat.
Modi says he is a champion of national security. But he has not stopped or answered many attacks on India, such as the Pulwama attack in 2019, the Pathankot attack in 2016, and the Uri attack in 2016. As a PM, Modi failed to solve the border problems with China and Pakistan, which have led to violence and deaths. He has also not protected the rights and dignity of minorities, especially Muslims, who have suffered from violence, lynching, and discrimination under his rule.

Modi says he is a champion of economic growth. But he has caused one of the worst financial crises in India’s history. He has made bad policies such as demonetisation and GST, which have hurt the informal sector, destroyed livelihoods, and increased poverty. He has also yet to create jobs for the millions of young people who are jobless or underpaid. He has also yet to deal with the problems of inflation, corruption, and inequality.
Modi says he is a champion of social welfare. But he needs to care more about the basic needs of the people, such as health, education, and the environment. He has cut the budgets for the health and education sectors, which have needed better infrastructure, low quality, and high costs. He has also ignored the environmental crisis, which has caused air pollution, water shortage, and climate change. He has also not addressed the issues of farmers, workers, women, and children who have faced hardship, exploitation, violence, and neglect.

Modi says he is a champion of democracy. But he has damaged the constitutional values and institutions that support it. Modi limited the freedom of expression and dissent by using laws such as sedition and UAPA to arrest journalists, activists, and opposition leaders. Heavy usage of power and money can be seen under his rule to control the media and critics. Most efforts are made to weaken the judiciary by meddling its work and appointments. He has also harmed the federal structure by taking power and resources from the states.

Modi’s superhero image is a lie that needs to be exposed by showing his lies and failures. Creating superheroes is never going to make any change in India and its ordinary laypeople. But it will lead the country into an unpredictable situation that may destroy all values of the country.

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