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Exploiting Tragedy: How BJP Capitalized on the Kalamassery Bomb Blast

The Controversial Political Response to Kerala's Moment of Grief

A prayer meeting organized by a religious cult called Jehovah’s Witnesses at the Zamra International Convention Centre in Kalamassery, Kerala, was shattered by a bomb blast on Sunday, October 29, 2023. Three people died, and more than 35 were injured, some critically. The police arrested Dominic Martin, an NRI, who admitted to planting and triggering the bomb with a remote control.

The people of Kerala, known for their religious harmony and tolerance, were shocked and saddened by the blast. However, some BJP leaders did not show any sympathy or solidarity with the victims and their families. Instead, they tried to use the tragedy for their political advantage.

Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Union Minister of State for Electronics and Information Technology, was one of them. He blamed the blast on the “brazen appeasement politics” of the Congress and the CPM, the ruling and opposition parties in Kerala. And also called them “soft on terror” and “anti-national.” These false and provocative statements were made hurriedly without waiting for the facts to come out of the police investigation.

Another BJP leader who politicized the blast was K Surendran, the state president of the party. He claimed that the blast was a “planned conspiracy” by the CPM and its allies to target the Christian community and create communal unrest in Kerala. He also accused the CPM of having links with terrorist groups like ISIS and SIMI. He asked for a CBI probe into the blast, even though central agencies like NIA and NSG were already involved in the investigation.

Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan strongly condemned these statements by BJP leaders. He called them “venomous” and “communal.” And said that some sections were trying to communalize the issue and warned that legal action would be taken. The Kerala CM also appealed to the people of Kerala to keep calm and not fall for rumors or provocations.

The Leader of Opposition, V D Satheesan, also criticized the BJP leaders for their careless remarks. He said they tried to distract from their failures and divide the people. He urged the people to stand together against such attempts and support the police investigation.

The CPM state secretariat also issued a statement denouncing the BJP’s blame game. It said that the blast was an attempt to ruin the peaceful atmosphere in Kerala and warned against any moves to destabilize the Left government. It also expressed confidence that the police would find out the truth behind the blast and punish the guilty.

The blast in Kalamassery was a terrible act of terror that deserves universal condemnation. It was also a cowardly attack on innocent people who were practicing their freedom of religion. The people of Kerala have shown great resilience and solidarity in this difficult time. They have also rejected any attempts by the BJP or any other party to profit from their suffering. They have proved once again that Kerala is a land of peace and harmony, where all faiths live with respect and dignity. In another incident, Sandeep Warrier, a BJP leader in Kalamassery, was complained against by the AIYF state committee for allegedly spreading religious hatred through social media.

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