Ratheesh’s Departure: Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 Drama Unfolds

Dramatic Scenes and Emotional Exits Grip Viewers in Reality TV Show's Latest Episode

Dramatic scenes unfold during the popular reality show Bigg Boss Malayalam season 6. Earlier, the promo teased the part where Ratheesh was seen leaving the Bigg Boss house. The full incident is being aired live. Ratheesh is seen taking his two boxes and heading out of the house. However, the other housemates seem largely unfazed by his departure.

The promo showed a heated argument between Suresh Monon and Ratheesh, with the latter exploding in anger and the rest of the housemates intervening. In the promo, Ratheesh can be seen talking while Suresh is hiding, and Suresh is heard telling Ratheesh to shut up. After this confrontation, Ratheesh declared that he was quitting the show.

Ratheesh’s Departure

As Ratheesh exited with his belongings, the other housemates were engaged in discussions on different topics. Once outside the house, Ratheesh looked directly into the camera and addressed Bigg Boss with great emotion. He expressed his desire to stay for the full duration of 100 days.

“Bigg Boss brought me to this show and kept me here for four days. Thank you very much, Bigg Boss,” Ratheesh said. “I just wanted to come to this show, and I wanted to stay. I definitely wanted to stay for 100 days. At first, my desire was to stay for one step, but when I came, my desire was to win the cup after 100 days. In any case, it’s okay, Bigg Boss. Thank you for everything,” he added with evident worry.

Ratheesh has been providing some of the most engaging content on Bigg Boss. Right from the first day, he adopted an aggressive approach, arguing with everyone in the house. He had a heated exchange with Janmani, accusing her of hugging him inappropriately. The housemates demanded that he apologize to his wife. He also caused a commotion in the morning, complaining about not getting hot water.

The fight that started in the morning reignited later in the day over the hot water issue. After this, he had a confrontation with Suresh. Other housemates believe that this is part of Ratheesh’s strategy. Today, viewers will know whether or not Ratheesh will leave the show.

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