Netflix Unveils Teaser for ‘The Railway Men’ Depicting Heroes of Bhopal Gas Tragedy

Upcoming Series Shines a Light on Courage Amidst India's Worst Industrial Disaster

Netflix has released the teaser of its upcoming series The Railway Men, which is based on the true story of four railway employees who risked their lives to help the victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy in 1984. The series is a thrilling drama that depicts the courage and humanity of the unsung heroes of the world’s worst industrial disaster.

The teaser, which is about a minute long, shows the horrifying scenes of the gas leak from a chemical plant that killed thousands of people and injured many more. The people of Bhopal are seen running for their lives, covering their faces with cloth to protect themselves from the toxic gas. A voiceover says, “At this time, Bhopal junction has vanished from the map of Delhi (the central government).”

The teaser then introduces the four main characters of the series: R Madhavan as the General Manager of Central Railways, Kay Kay Menon as the station master, Divyenndu as a police constable, and Babil Khan as a loco pilot. They are the only ones who decide to stay at the railway station and do whatever they can to save the people. Babil Khan says, “This is my city. These are my people who will die.” The teaser ends with flashes of the suffering and pain of the gas victims.

The Railway Men is a four-episode series directed by Shiv Rawail and written by Aayush Gupta. It is a collaboration between Netflix and YRF, and it will premiere on Netflix on November 18.

The Bhopal gas tragedy occurred on December 2, 1984, when methyl isocyanate gas leaked from a pesticide plant owned by the American Union Carbide Corporation. According to reports, more than half a million people were exposed to the gas that night, and over 5,000 people died. Many survivors and their descendants have been facing chronic health issues such as cancer, blindness, and respiratory, immune, and neurological disorders due to the gas exposure.

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