Lijo Jose Pellissery Addresses Criticism and Hate Campaign Against ‘Valiban’ Starring Mohanlal”

Unveiling the Director's Perspective on Cinematic Individuality, Artistic Vision, and Facing Backlash

Kochi: Critics have targeted the film “Malaikottai Valiban,” directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery and featuring Mohanlal. A surge in negative sentiments in cyberspace prompted Pellissery to step into the spotlight and address the escalating criticism he described as the director’s thoughts on the hate campaign, artistic vision and the nuances of cinematic storytelling, leading to confusion among the audience.

Key Points:

  • Director Lijo Jose Pellissery addressed the negative campaign in cyberspace and expressed pain over the hate campaign.
  • Pellissery defended the film’s pace, describing it as a deliberate, unhurried narrative akin to a grandmother’s story. And asserting that the film is a quick rendition of a fantasy-driven tale.
  • Pellissery expressed concern over the proliferation of hate campaigns against the movie soon after its release.

In a bold stance, Pellissery questions the enthusiasm of the hate campaign against ‘Malaikottai Valiban,’ urging audiences to watch the film without being swayed by negative reviews. And emphasize the subjective nature of cinematic perception. With the patience and rhythm of a storyteller, he dismisses concerns about the film’s pace. And compare it to the unhurried rhythm of a grandmother’s tale.

The director confronts the insistence on speed and technique in storytelling, defending his creation as more than a rapid-fire narrative. ‘Malaikottai Valiban,’ meticulously shot over a year and a half, emerges as a quick rendition of the grandmother’s story. It is devoid of flashy acceleration akin to a Ferrari engine.

Pellissery passionately advocates for individuality in viewing experiences. He challenges the notion that one’s perspective should conform to someone else’s. And urge viewers to form opinions untainted by external influences. The film, a culmination of past experiences, is a testament to creative evolution and a bridge to future cinematic endeavours.

The aftermath of the film’s premiere reflects the clash between early morning and evening audiences, worsened by social media’s echo chamber. The director questions the proliferation of hate and its impact on the film’s reception. He defended ‘Valiban’ as a high-production, fantasy-driven creation, questioning the hostility it has faced.

Pellissery shares the shocking revelation post-release in a rare display of vulnerability – the diminishing duration of theatrical runs. The film’s once-expected 99-day stint has dwindled to 28 days, emphasizing the urgency of experiencing ‘Malaikottai Valiban’ in theatres.

As the director weaves through the complexities of audience perception, the film industry’s evolution, and the clash between tradition and contemporary expectations, ‘Malaikottai Valiban’ emerges. It doesn’t just stand as a cinematic creation but as a battleground for artistic integrity.

Lijo Jose Pellissery’s impassioned defence invites viewers to navigate the first part of this cinematic journey, urging them to discover the film’s essence beyond the cacophony of external judgments. In an industry marked by ever-shifting landscapes, ‘Valiban’ stands as a warrior’s journey, challenging conventions and inviting audiences to traverse uncharted territories.

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