Intense Clash: Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 Drama Unveiled

Exploring Tensions and Drama in the Latest Season's Commencement

Kochi: Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 commenced with a grand ceremony, steering in excitement and anticipation among viewers. This season, 19 contestants, including two from the Commoners category, have entered the Bigg Boss house. At the same time, the list boasts individuals from the movie and serial industries. Some notable celebrities who are absent, setting the stage for an intriguing match-up.

Unusual Tensions

In Bigg Boss, audiences anticipate lively debates and clashes among contestants. Typically, the initial days of the show witnessed the participants acquainting themselves with one another, resulting in fewer conflicts. However, in a departure from the norm, tensions escalated on the second day of Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6.

Intense Clash

The clash ensued during the inaugural captaincy task of the season, as depicted in the promo released by Hotstar. The promo highlights the intense battle among players vying for the coveted title of captain, resulting in heated disputes within the first week.

Jasmin Jaffer, Ratheesh, and Rocky Asi were embroiled in a heated exchange. The promo suggests that the altercation stemmed from perceived unfair behaviour during the task. Rocky faced questioning from Jasmin Jaffer and Ratheesh, with tensions running high as promises of restraint were made.

Jasmine Jaffer, a prominent social media influencer and television personality, emerged as an early contender. Ratheesh, a renowned actor and singer, previously hosted the popular show Valkannadi.

Rocky Asi, known for his active presence on social media, embodies two personas – Asi and Rocky. Apart from being the Managing Director Touch of Ink Tattoo School, he boasts accolades as a kickboxing champion and avid rider.

Among the diverse roster of contestants are Ansiba, Jinto, Yamuna Rani, Rishi S Kumar, Sijo Tox, Sharanya Anand, Shruti Krishna, Janmani, Srirekha, Apsara, Nora Muskan, Gabri Jose, Arjun Shyam, Suresh Menon, and Rasmin Bhai, a physical education teacher from Kochi representing the Commons category, alongside traveller Nishana.

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