Alphonse Putran Sparks Controversy: Questioning Vijayakanth’s Demise and Political Figures’ Safety

Filmmaker's Bold Claims Add Complexity to Tamil Star's Passing, Leaving Fans in Suspense

The news of the legendary actor Vijayakanth’s death rocked the Tamil cinema industry and state politics. Vijayakanth was a star in both fields. The shock of his unexpected death has led to a flood of condolences from friends and colleagues. But in the middle of the sadness, a contentious post by well-known Malayalam filmmaker Alphonse Putran has generated curiosity. In social media posts, he doubts the circumstances surrounding Vijayakanth’s passing.

Unraveling the Controversy:
Vijayakanth’s health struggles in recent years have been widely known. And his passing has drawn condolences from various quarters. Yet, Alphonse Putran’s social media post has injected an unexpected element of doubt into the narrative. Alleging foul play, Putran implicates Udayanidhi Stalin, urging him to investigate Vijayakanth’s death. And suggests a potential threat to political figures like Stalin himself.

The Intriguing Social Media Post:
In a now-deleted Instagram post, Alphonse Putran addresses Udayanidhi Stalin directly, recounting past conversations and urging action. Putran hints at a perceived pattern, referencing alleged attempts on the lives of Kamal Haasan and Stalin during the filming of ‘Indian 2.’ The director’s impassioned plea raises eyebrows, perplexing followers and questioning the motive behind such a bold claim.

Alphonse Putran: A Controversial Voice:
Known for his sensational comments on social media, Alphonse Putran has garnered attention for his outspoken nature. However, this post, implying a conspiracy in the demise of a beloved actor, has left many puzzled. The director’s controversial statements have stirred the public, raising concerns about the authenticity and intent behind such assertions.

Director’s Ongoing Controversial Streak:
Alphonse Putran has a history of making controversial posts on social media. Still, the recent post questioning the deaths of political leaders has taken his online presence to new heights of uncertainty. While fans grapple with the message’s authenticity, questions arise about whether Putran himself deleted the post or faced external intervention.

As the industry mourns Vijayakanth’s loss, the emergence of Alphonse Putran’s controversial post adds a layer of complexity to an already emotional situation. The director’s assertions demand scrutiny, leaving followers in suspense regarding the authenticity and implications of his claims. In the wake of this social media storm, the narrative around Vijayakanth’s passing takes an unexpected turn, keeping fans and the public on edge.

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